Alipay to blacklist merchants engaging in cryptocurrency transactions
In China's unprecedented crackdown on cryptocurrencies, avenues for holders of these virtual assets to turn them into cash are being blocked.
China's central bank official says e-CNY to coexist with Alipay and WeChat Pay
If Alipay and WeChat experience technical or financial failures, it could have a negative impact on the stability of China's financial system, he said.
Ant's dual listing in Shanghai and Hong Kong postponed after Jack Ma summoned by regulators
The Shanghai Stock Exchange today announced that it is suspending Ant Group's decision to list on China's Nasdaq-style sci-tech innovation board, also known as the STAR market, after Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, was summoned by Chinese regulators.
China's central bank official says WeChat, Alipay and digital RMB don't compete
WeChat, Alipay and the central bank digital RMB are not in the same dimension and they do not compete, said Mu Changchun, director of the People's Bank of China's Digital Currency Institute, at the forum of the second Bund Financial Summit in Shanghai.
China reduces ATMs by over 40,000 in H1 due to impact of WeChat and Alipay
In recent years, with the rise of mobile payments such as WeChat and Alipay, the use of ATMs in China is gradually decreasing. In the first half of the year, the number of ATMs nationwide decreased by more than 40,000, according to the latest payment system report from China's central bank.
Will Alipay, WeChat Pay become obsolete with introduction of China's digital RMB?
If China's central bank's digital RMB offering is successful, it will likely have an impact on the current Chinese mobile payment landscape. So, will Alipay and WeChat Pay be eliminated?
Report of Alipay, WeChat Pay facing possible antitrust probe is 'rumor', Chinese media says
Reuters today reported that China's antitrust agency is studying whether to launch an anti-monopoly investigation into WeChat Pay and Alipay.
Alipay, WeChat Pay facing possible antitrust probe in China, report says
China’s top antitrust agency is looking at whether to launch a probe into Alipay and WeChat Pay, Reuters reported on Friday citing sources with knowledge of the matter. 
Alipay's pet nose-print recognition technology allows owners to insure their cats and dogs
The Alipay insurance platform has announced the opening of pet nose-print recognition technology and has joined forces with insurers to apply this technology to pet insurance for the first time.
Alipay to issue 10 billion yuan in coupons to Chinese consumers
Alipay said today that it will distribute nationwide consumption vouchers for 17 consecutive days from July 1, totaling 10 billion yuan.