Huawei aims to make 6G commercially available by around 2030
Huawei says it wants to start making 6G commercially available around 2030, in what may be the first time a Chinese tech giant has proposed a clear timeline for the commercialization of next-generation communications technology.
China will accelerate its layout for 6G this year, MIIT says
China will not only promote the construction of 5G networks this year but will also accelerate the layout of 6G to promote network optimization, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT).
Huawei exec says 5.5G is next step for wireless communications industry
The next step in the wireless communications industry vision is 5.5G, which is an enhancement and extension of the 5G scenario to meet the demand for moving from the Internet of Everything to the Smart Connect of Everything.
Vivo says it has started 6G research
In the 6G white paper communication meeting held by Vivo, Qin Fei, president of Vivo Communication Research Institute, said that Vivo has started 6G research, including some scenarios, key technology research, etc. In his opinion, mobile phones, AR/VR glasses, and robots are important products in 6G.
6G battle is on, with South Korea and China grabbing the upper hand
As 5G begins to become mainstream and competition to develop 6G has begun, South Korea's Samsung Electronics and China's Huawei are at the forefront of technology, especially in terms of base station technology that will form the backbone of the future, according to Nikkei Asian Review.
Huawei says it has started pre-research of 6G, will focus on millimeter band
Huawei is already involved in 6G-related pre-research, said Yang Tao, vice president of Huawei's China operator business unit, in an interview with Sina Tech.
China Unicom and ZTE sign 6G strategic agreement
On May 17, China Unicom and ZTE Corporation signed a 6G joint strategic cooperation agreement.
International Telecommunication Union launches 6G research
Research work oriented to the 2030 and beyond (6G) was commenced at the 34th International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector Working Group 5D (ITU-R WP5D) meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology said on March 3.
China's telecoms regulator says 6G is still in exploration stage
The construction of 5G and 6G is a global effort and research progress in China and other countries is similar for now and it is still in the exploratory stage, Wen Ku, a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, said on Monday.
China aims to form 6G overall development ideas in 2020
China aims to form 6G overall development ideas in 2020, the People's Post reported citing Wen Ku, Director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.