UOS Aims to Replace Windows

UOS for Loongson comes with Sogou input method, the most popular input method in China
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology has partnered with Union Tech, the developer of China-made operating system UOS, and Sogou Input Method to pre-install the input method Linux on UOS for Loongson.
China's most popular download tool supports UnionTech OS
Thunder, the most popular download tool in China, is now available on the UnionTech OS App Store. Thunder said it will help China-made chipset and operating system to provide users with fast, smooth and convenient download service.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1010) released, adding support for QQ and WeChat
UnionTechOS V20 Personal Edition (1010) was released today, upgrading some Wine applications to achieve native application experience, with QQ, WeChat and other common popular applications can be used perfectly.
UnionTech OS adapts to Toshiba's over 80 digital copiers
More than 80 Toshiba digital copiers have been tested for compatibility, functionality, and performance to meet the requirements of UnionTech OS V20's Compatibility and Adaptation Certification on the Loongson, Zhaoxin, Hygon, Phytium, Kunpeng, and Kirin platforms.
China's 'Microsoft' to release an operating system for personal use this week
Union Tech, the developer behind the China made Unity Operating System (UOS) which is seen as China's version of Windows, today announced on its WeChat account that the UOS V20 Personal Edition will be released this week.
China-made UOS adds support for Baidu's AI deep learning platform
On the China-made Unity Operating System (UOS), you can now start using deep learning software as well.
China-made operating system UOS gets a professional edition
After yesterday's release of the server V20 Enterprise Edition of the Unity Operating System (UOS), its developer Union Tech today released the V20 Professional Edition (1020) for desktop users.
Chinese OS developer Union Tech releases new version of server OS, compatible with major China-made processors
Following the release of UOS for server V20 Euler version, Chinese operating system developer Union Tech released UOS for server V20 Enterprise Edition (1020) on Monday.
UOS developer releases server OS optimized for Huawei Kunpeng processors
Union Tech, the developer of the China-made UOS, today released the Uniontech OS Server 20 Euler, which is optimized for Huawei Kunpeng series processors on the Taishan server.
China-made OS and CPUs completes adaption
Union Tech, the developer of the Unity Operating System (UOS), announced today that it has recently signed an agreement with Loongson Technology to become a member of the Loongson Ecosystem Adaptation Services Industry Alliance.