VR startup Pico confirms acquisition by ByteDance
Chinese VR startup Pico has confirmed in an all-staff letter that it has been acquired by Beijing-based TikTok parent company ByteDance, jiemian.com reported Sunday.
China's IC exports expected to grow 18% this year
China's IC imports rose 27.2 percent year-over-year to $233.33 billion from January to July 2021, up 42.1 percent year-over-year, according to China Customs.
ByteDance reportedly enters VR sector with RMB 5 billion acquisition
ByteDance has not yet confirmed the news, and if true, the move appears to be similar to Facebook's acquisition of Oculus in 2014.
Vivo's first chip will be an imaging chip called V1
Vivo's first chip will be a professional imaging chip called V1, which has already been mass-produced and will be installed in Vivo's new flagship X70 series.
Tianjin encourages research on IC technology for post-Moore era
Tianjin will support the R&D and application of technologies including integrated chip for perception and computing, 5G RF front-end module, blockchain technology and support system, and quantum technology.
Huawei R&D spending surges to 9 times 2010 level
Huawei's R&D spending reached RMB 141.8 billion ($21.89 billion) in fiscal 2020, about 9 times that of fiscal 2010.
China's high-speed rail has covered more than 95 percent of cities with a popula
China's highways already cover more than 98 percent of cities with 200,000 people, and civilian airports cover more than 92 percent of prefectural-level cities.
Digital RMB used for driverless bus rides for first time
China's first test of using Digital RMB to ride driverless buses was completed in Suzhou, marking the first time China's legal digital currency has been used to ride a driverless bus.
Vivo hiring chip engineer with annual salary of up to $280,000
The position requires more than 10 years of experience in ISP image processing algorithms and design-related work, with key responsibilities including team formation and technical planning.
China passes personal information protection law, effective Nov 1
China announced on August 20 the adoption of a personal information protection law, effective November 1, 2021, to strengthen the protection of personal privacy in the digital age.