Apple partners reward workers for resuming work, will that help with iPhone 5G production?
On February 25, Zhang Yi (pseudonym) released 74 job postings in the circle of friends. He is a recruitment agent who connects with major electronics factories in Zhuhai. "Take a look at my circle of friends first, and find the right one to help you talk," he said.
Must ReadHuawei HMS vs GMS: The endgame for the rise of China's 'Android'
On February 24, Honor V30, the first model equipped with Huawei HMS service, will be officially released. The computer team of Ericsson Securities believes that this is not only a milestone in Huawei's development history, but also a historic turning point for China-made software industry.
Is cash-strapped Nio a good asset?
If an individual now meet Nio founder Li Bin and provide him with 100 million yuan invest, will Li Bin accept it?
When will phone makers in China recover?
The Chinese mobile phone market has experienced 13 consecutive quarters of decline before 2020. In 2019, on the eve of the outbreak of 5G mobile phones, George Zhao, President of Honor, said that if he could survive this year, he would usher in a new dawn. In 2020, 5G is here, but what follows is not a spring breeze, but another cold winter.
Can Huawei phones regain lost ground in Europe with HMS?
After losing Google services, Huawei has meet with severely setbacks at overseas markets. Now, Huawei is about to usher in a substantial "counterattack" in the European market.
Huawei openEuler is a partner of UOS, not a competitor, analysts say
Huawei and Union Tech, the developer of the Unity Operating System (UOS) are partners instead of competitors, since Huawei’s openEuler is open source and the latter can conduct secondary development and launch commercial versions, analysts said.
China-made UOS aims to surpass Windows, analysts say
The Unity Operating System (UOS) is the Chinese version of RedHat, and its goal is not only to catch up with Microsofts’s Windows, but to surpass it, according to Chinese analysts.
Do we really need foldable devices?
2019 is the start of the 5G era, and also the first year of folding screens.
Harmony OS: How is Huawei's ecological strategy going?
Although Huawei sold 240 million smartphones worldwide in 2019, the re-boosting of overseas markets and the speed of the ecosystem's hole-fixing will determine how far this company can go in the future.
Must Read20 years ago, China had a 72-hour cyber survival test
According to the testimony and the response of other ordinary netizens, the media reached such a conclusion: no one can survive by relying on the Internet.