Luxury brand Caviar enters China, offering Huawei phones priced up to $71,080
Luxury brand Caviar officially entered China on Sunday, offering Huawei phones priced up to RMB 465,000 ($71,080).
Huawei starts selling 4G Mate X2 foldable phone with HarmonyOS 2 pre-installed
Huawei unveiled HarmonyOS 2 earlier this month, and now the Mate X2, a foldable phone with the system pre-installed, is going on sale, albeit only in a 4G version.
Huawei said to launch P50 series smartphones on July 29
Huawei's mobile business is in trouble after chip supply was restricted. Consumer attention has focused on when the company's new P-series flagship will be released, and now it looks like it may not be far off.
Huawei supply chain company says it has received Mate 50 phone design
There have been reports recently that Chinese tech giant Huawei will skip the launch of its Mate 50 phone this year, though the latest news shows a different picture.
Huawei said to skip this year's Mate series flagship phone launch for first time since 2013
According to Huawei's previous practices of new phone releases, the Mate 50 series is supposed to be released in September this year with a new generation of Huawei's own chips to compete with the iPhone 13.
Xiaomi offers $62.5 discount on foldable phone MIX FOLD
MIX FOLD has won a lot of praise for its low price, and now its official flagship store on a major e-commerce platform in China is offering a discount on the product that lowers the barrier to purchase even further.
Honor 50 series to be released on June 16
Honor 50 series will be launched in Shanghai on June 16, the Chinese mobile phone maker announced on June 1.
Honor 50 overseas version to come with Google services pre-installed
Honor's official German Twitter account said on May 21 that the Honor 50 overseas version will come with Google services, which means the biggest factor holding up its sales will be removed.
Honor's market share has recovered to 8%, chip supply to be fully restored from June, CEO says
Honor's market share in China dropped to a low of 3 percent and has now recovered to 8 percent, its CEO George Zhao said.
Sony launches PS5 in China
Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in China on April 29, with the Digital Edition priced at RMB 3,099 ($479) and the Standard Edition priced at RMB 3,899.