Bloomberg: Motorola Razr feels more prototype than premium-cnTechPost

In a story published on Friday, Bloomberg was straight to point out that the $1,500 clamshell foldable phone Motorola Razr is compact, but it shows there’s a long way to go before flagship devices like the iPhone are disrupted.

The foldable screen — which Motorola stresses is built to withstand daily use — feels like it might work well for several months, but not for years, Bloomberg wrote.

Smartphone buyers increasingly expect their devices to last as long as four years, especially the most expensive models. The Razr doesn’t immediately convince that it can hold up over time, the story said.

The story went on further:

Even if durability wasn’t a concern, Motorola’s Razr suffers from compromised specifications.

Its 2,510mAh battery is behind the times for a device of its size, its camera underwhelms, the Android 9 Pie operating system is not the latest and its Qualcomm 700-series Snapdragon processor isn’t top of the line despite the phone’s premium price.

... and further:

As early users of the Moto Razr have noted, the phone makes a slight, unnerving cracking sound when opened and closed.

That’s something users will need to get used to. If you rub your finger along the plastic inner display, you’ll feel lumps that are part of the phone’s mechanism.

Motorola says that’s normal, but it’s another something you’ll need to get used to. The upper part of the screen feels more solid when pressed than the bottom half, and the entire panel is a fingerprint magnet.

The elongated screen also hampers ergonomics when trying to type something on the keyboard.

The story did mention its good side:

The good news about the display is that its two creases can only really be seen when the screen is off. That’s a step forward from Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy Fold.

Moreover, like the Fold and the Z Flip, the Razr’s screen is protected from scratches and accidental fumbles in a way that a device that doesn’t fold inward is not.

Motorola Razr was released in the United States in November 2019, but due to market demand and supply issues, the sale of the product has been delayed.

Motorola has uploaded several videos to its YouTube channel to show off the clamshell Razr smartphone, with a Caring for Razr clip explaining how to look after the $1,500 device as shipment nears.

The Motorola Razr has a screen size of 2.7 inches when folded and a resolution of 800 × 600. Its screen size expands to 6.2 inches when unfolded and has a resolution of 2142 × 876.

There is a wide protruding chin under the phone, which supports fingerprint recognition.

It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, uses Android 9 Pie system, supports 6GB + 128GB storage, and has a battery capacity of 2510mAh.