This Chinese firm is among Motorola Razr's foldable screen suppliers-cnTechPost

TCL subsidiary Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology is one of the main suppliers of the foldable screen used by Motorola Razr smartphone, TCL founder and chairman Li Dongsheng said in Beijing on Friday.

Lenovo released the Motorola Rzar which adopts the clamshell design in November. It can be folded vertically into a smaller volume and stored in the pocket.

Li Dongsheng believes that the growth rate of foldable screen mobile phones will be very high in 2020, on the one hand because the base number of folding screen mobile phone shipments in 2019 is relatively small, on the other hand depends on the market acceptance.

Li Dongsheng also said that China Star has received orders for Samsung's static curved screen. China Star provided Samsung with LTPS screens last year, and this year it supplied static curved screens. The so-called static curved screen refers to a curved screen that cannot be bent back and forth.

Regarding the static curved screen, Li Dongsheng said that it has already supplied to Xiaomi and TCL, and other mobile phone manufacturers have also sent samples.

At this year's CES exhibition, TCL Communications also showed the first folding screen mobile phone. It adopts a horizontal folding design, which is close to a square shape when unfolded, and the screen size is 7.2 inches.

It is equipped with four cameras on the back in emerald green. This folding screen phone has no name and price, and no specific release time has been announced.